Meet Adrienne, the edgy half of Formme Fatale


I’m Adrienne, and yes, I’ve seen Rocky. 


Talia Shire and I have a lot in common actually. We both married an Italian Stallion and enjoy a nice pair of cat eye glasses. Vintage-inspired and nostalgic pieces are one of my top style inspirations. I love mixing new and old pieces to find a perfect balance of fashion-forward and tried-and-true. In fact, contrasting combos are some of my favorite ways to create visual interest. You’ll often see me mixing and matching the following:

  • Vintage finds and new releases

  • Muted colors with jewel-toned pops

  • Macro and micro patterns

  • Mixed materials and textures

  • Tailored silhouettes layered with free-form fabrics

I’ve dabbled with the idea of blogging my styling hobby for years now, and finally got the kick in the pants I needed from Amy Stockslager. Enjoy following along on our journey to explore our styles and help others discover theirs.

First up are the collages I made during our initial creative process to figure out our blog name and visualize my style.