Re-purposing Winter Staples for Summer


Summer has finally heated up, and we couldn’t be more excited! As Southern girls, we are used to warm weather and light (very light) layers pretty much year round. So you can imagine our total and utter devastation when we moved to New England and realized cold weather starts creeping in around September and often doesn’t leave until June. That means NINE out of the twelve months of the year we are in winter clothes. *RIP SUMMER - Please pause for a moment of silence*

After living in the tundra for a few years and coming to terms with this sad, sad reality, we’ve learned that it doesn’t quite make sense to have an evenly split closet of winter and summer clothes because A) we can’t justify spending half of our clothing budget on things we will only wear for a quarter of each year and B) we literally have no space (city apartments - who can relate??!). So we do our best to re-purpose our winter clothes in the warmer seasons by transforming them into spring / summer appropriate styles. 

This blazer vest is a perfect example. When I first laid eyes on this beauty, I loved that the classic black color made it versatile and easy to wear with a variety of different patterns and colors (as I tend to do), but the leather collar added a little texture and made it unique from other blazer vests I had seen at the time. 

In the images below you can see how I paired the vest with leather leggings to compliment the material of the collar and went with a color scheme of black and burgundy, one of my all-time-favorite winter colors. For the accessories, I chose a pair of burgundy tassel earrings to match the color of my shirt and pinned a couple of shiny beetle brooches onto the vest to add a little interest, since the rest of the outfit was fairly simple. The sleek pulled-back hairstyle was the perfect finishing touch to tie together this edgy and chic winter look. 



FullSizeRender 11.JPG

Fast-forward to warmer weather. I made this piece summer-ready by pairing it with a tank top and flowy skirt. The light pink color on the skirt, the pearl hair clips, and the delicate Mary Jane strap on the flats contrasted with the leather collar, snake print, and studs on the belt and shoes created the perfect balance of edgy coolness and delicate femininity.



Amy Holzmeister