WTFormme: Vol. 1


In fashion, interior design, and event styling, we love the way interesting forms can transform outfits and spaces into ensembles and atmospheres. Textures, fabrics, materials, finishes, colors, 2D and 3D spaces, you naaame it! We love unique forms of all kinds. That’s part of the reason why we named our blog Formme Fatale. (See our What’s in a Name? post for details on the full process).

For that reason, whenever we stumble upon unconventional and unexpected forms on the internet or out in the real world, we like to send each other pictures of them to get our creative juices flowing. That’s the motivation behind our new series, “What the Formme.” We want to share the things that inspire us to create wardrobe and decor ✨magic✨ with you. We hope these finds inspire you too! 

Scroll through to see four Formmes we’ve been drooling over this past week.

embellished hairpins

Mlouye bags

VIKTOR & Rolf ‘Fashion statements’

Festival brows by @krabowinka

Amy Holzmeister